The Warehouse


He’s been a sneakerhead for a long minute, practically came out the womb rockin’ some Jordan’s seeing as he was born in The Windy City! Now, he owns a sneaker business with the homies. Dreams do come true! Jordan 1’s are his go-to but you’ll never catch him in Mids, no way José!He’s precise af, so he always makes sure inventory is on point. Has a passion for Excel lists, even though he still doe calculations by hand. He’s probably packed up and shipped more pairs than you’ll see in 5 lifetimes and loves a good trip to the post office. He has an eye for detail as he double checks his double check. He’s Drip Drops’ eye in the sky.

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The Office


In a relationship with sneakers. Currently has the largest collection of the 3 owners. Has an affinity for Air Maxes ever since he copped his first pair back in 2012.When you’re running a company like Drip Drops, you always have to keep the rotation fresh, and he doesn’t disappoint! Credit this to his interior design background, his visual sense is what brings Drip Drops to life.On the other hand, Sebryn has anger management problems, specifically when he takes an “L” on the SNKRS app. Fortunately for Drip Drops, he takes his frustrations out by relentlessly hunting for the best deals. Sebryn has no days off!

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The Bank


Can’t tell the difference between a Nike Dunk High and a Jordan 1 High. Literally an embarrassment to the sneaker culture. Has been “in the game” for over 2 years, and has 1 pair in his “rotation”… which he even copped second-hand. Sebastian is the official talker for the Drip Drops team. Man cannot stop yappin’. He’s so persistent at talking that when we’re at investor meetings, they just throw money at him to make him shut up. It works wonders.Speaking of money, Seb is the most frugal person on the team by a country mile. It’s 2021 and he’s still rocking his iPhone 5, because “it works just fine”. He’s never bought a personal pair of shoes over €100, and thank God he runs our finances, because if he spent our money like Sebryn spends his, there wouldn’t be an About Us page.

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