Flex and Comfort at the Airport: The 4 Best Sneakers to Travel With

| Freddy Schwoerer
Flex and Comfort at the Airport: The 4 Best Sneakers to Travel With

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Finally ready to embark on your long-awaited journey. The suitcase is packed, the outfits are planned and you’re more than ready to drip through the unexplored streets of your holiday destination. You’re checked in, the taxi is waiting outside, you just have to put on your shoes. But you’re going to be on the road for over ten hours, so what do you wear? Do you sacrifice the entire outfit just so you can stay comfortable in the train, plane, or bus? Or do you take the chance of possibly regretting blisters on your feet to keep a flex during the journey?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of optimal compromises that will ensure that your outfit is a 10 without killing your feet. We round off the best four sneakers to travel in.


4. Adidas Yeezy 350V2


You were probably expecting this one. Ranked unanimously as one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market right now, this classic silhouette from Yeezy is the ideal balance between craziness and coziness. You’ve got a thick, yet breathable and permeable Primeknit upper to keep your feet cool, yet prevent them from freezing,

However, what really sets this sneaker apart from competitors in terms of comfort is the full-length Boost midsole, the adidas-developed cushioning technology that is arguably still the most comfortable on the market. Essentially it’s a hyped and drippier version of the UltraBoost – the most comfortable sneaker of all time. You won’t be the only traveler at the airport wearing these, but if you choose your colourway wisely to match your travel-fit, you’ll be catching eyes left and right.

Colourway Recommendations: Bone, Beluga ReflectiveOreo


3. New Balance 2002r



There was no way we could make a comfortable-sneaker list without including a New Balance silhouette. After releasing as a Protection Pack exclusive in Phantom, Rain Cloud, and Sea Salt, the silhouette soon became one of the most sought-after sneakers on the current market. With the sneaker originally being developed as a general release performance shoe, the missing hype kept New Balance undistracted from focusing on quality and finish. The upper suede is of immaculate quality, and the accompanying lightweight mesh is breathable, yet sturdy and durable (so they’ll last for a few vacations).

Lastly the impact-absorbing midsole is exactly what you need while squeezed between to passengers on a plane, or when sprinting to catch your next connection: it’s bouncy, yet ensures grip and tactile control. With comfort and quality being a straight 10, you still gotta make sure that the drip is there for the price you’re paying (otherwise might as well just cop a Merrell or something). The New Balance 2002r is the perfect modern dad shoe, it extracts the best features of the 2017 bulky sneaker era, but keeps them on a minimal level. No unnecessarily chunky design, no stacked midsoles, no overly thick outsole – it’s a dad-shoe, but an absolutely hot one.

Colourway Recommendations: Phantom, Rain Cloud, Bordeaux


2. Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle 


If there is a Nike sneaker on this list, it’s gotta be the Sacai Vaporwaffle. With the American Sportswear giant, you’ll almost always be sacrificing either comfort or hype… Dunks are cool but your feet will die; Zoom is comfy but you can’t be seen in these at the airport. However, Sacai’s blend of the LD Waffle and Vapor___ is actually a good contestant for your next travel-sneaker-cop. You’ve got the comfort covered: insanely lightweight, unbelievably breathable, a flawless mix of suede and mesh to balance durability and permeability. Hype wise, you’re looking at maybe the best sneaker Nike has released in the last ten years. Sacai’s chance to essentially redesign a sneaker from vintage classics has resulted in a work of art that dominates in virtually any colourway. You’ll be catching eyes left and right, and when the fellow passengers look you in the eye in awe, you’ll be smiling back since your feet are cozy as can be.

Colourway Recommendations: Dark Iris, Sport Fuchsia Game Royal


1. Yeezy Foam RNNR 


The top of the list. The top of any list that has remotely anything to do with comfort. The Yeezy Foam RNNR is the sneaker-embodiment of comfort and coziness. Never before have I worn a shoe that is more suitable to travel in than the Yeezy Foam RNNR, and sice my first cop, it’s been my go to shoe for every train ride, every flight, won’t even get on a bus without my Foam RNNRs. Adidas has redefined what comfort means with this silhouette, and even those in doubt will be converted when trying this shoe on for the first time.

But, we still have to take looks into account. Here, subjectivity really matters… not everyone is a fan of them (yet). You’ll hear “Elephant Feet”, “Dinosaur Stumps”, “Spaceship Shoes”, obviously “Crocs”, but let’s be honest. In a few years, this will be the new standard of footwear, and you were the defying visionary that showed how innovation can be executed. With a perfect outfit, the Foam RNNRs go hard, the earthy colourways are combineable and crazily clean. Soon, you’ll be walking on clouds even before the plane has taken off.

Colourway Recommendations: I mean, expect for the Vermillion, they all look the same, so whatever you can find for a good price… or just get them all.


While Nike is certainly making crazy waves with their Dunk and Jordan 1 Line-Up, they are falling behind in comfort levels. This is where companies that pay attention to quality, finishing touches, and intricate material choice and development take over and dominate. Adidas and New Balance might sacrifice some hype for comfort, but it’s a wise decision that you won’t regret on your next trip.


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