Happy 4/20! The best stoner-friendly sneakers!

| Freddy Schwoerer
Happy 4/20! The best stoner-friendly sneakers!

So many 420-inspired shoes, we really had to weed out to show you the best!

High, how are you? How high are you? Happy 4/20! Depending on where you are, you may – or may not – be legally allowed to celebrate the high life this Tuesday! To make sure you can properly light up, your footwear needs to be lit too! 

Year after year, states and nations are legalizing recreational use of marijuana, so sneaker brands have to adapt to suit the new target markets. Adidas, Nike, Jordan – sportswear giants have started to recognize the growing culture and have decided to roll out higher-inspired silhouettes and colourways. We present the three best 420-sneakers of the recent years that you seriously need for your stash (of sneakers)!

Hopefully you have papers ready, we supply the tips! Let’s get rolling.


Nike SB Dunk High “Reverse Skunk”


To start it off on a high note, it’s gotta be a dunk high! The reverse version of the 2010-released “Skunk Dunk” celebrated arguably the most important 420 of the last years. In 2020, the entire month of April marked 4/20 (04–2020, it’s pretty simple), so hemp-habituates had 30 days – and a lockdown – to harvest the benefits of the informal holiday!

The shoe released on 20 April 2020, limited to – you guessed it – 420 pairs, so not even your dealer’s supplier’s provider could get his hands on these.

The shoe features a fuzzy suede, almost hemp-like upper made of two shades of purple and a bright green, two colours that symbolize the subject of commemoration. Further, the titular Skunk (the animal, not the strain) is printed on the insole, which you will notice immediately if you check the inside-out. The sneaker also came in a special (hot) box covered in a skunk-artwork.

While Nike has yet to figure out that a 420-inspired Blazer would improve the sneakers’ name even more, the Nike SB Dunk High “Purple Skunk” is a potent shoe that has become a grail for those who love Dunks and Skunks.

The Nike Dunk High Premium SB 'Skunk' (2010)


Travis Scott Air Jordan 6

While this sneaker is not an official 420 release, it certainly makes you the Highest in the Room! Not only do the sneaker’s colours surely symbolise the green spirit, a small pocket on the ankle allows you to stash your hash without being too conspicuous!

The Air Jordan 6 has made a comeback in recent years, and any Travis Scott silhouette is instantly blazing fire! The thick midsole is not only comfortable but simultaneously adds a platform, giving you a body high! It’s comfortable, durable and plain fire – the perfect shoe to hang with your buds!

Like all previous models, this joint effort between the Nike and Travis Scott was instantly sold out, and you really have to know a guy to get your hands on a pair of these dank sneakers.


Adidas Campus 80s South Park Towelie

This year, Adidas surprised sneakerheads, stoners and South Park fans alike, when leaked images of the newest 420-sneaker by the German sportswear brand first appeared. Fans of the animated TV series were thrilled to see one of their favourite characters to be released in the form of a sneaker: Towelie, the genetically engineered towel that’s basically always high, was the perfect character to immortalize – and Adidas did it perfectly.

Instead of just printing the character on the heel or adding small detail that might represent this joint effort, Adidas gave the entire upper a towel-like terrycloth material, truly resembling the character's look. What really makes the sneaker special are the UV-sensitive eyes on the tongue, that turn red when exposed to sunlight. Have a look at the images to understand how this really emphasizes the 420-related aspect of the sneaker!

Similar to many sneakers releasing on 420, the shoe also features the convenient stash pocket, hidden under the tongue. So if you do get caught, make sure to stand in the shade to avoid any suspicion of what might be hidden below the red eyes!


Stay safe, keep it legal and enjoy 420!


by Freddy Schwoerer of Drip Drops

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