JUST IN – Air Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere

| Freddy Schwoerer
JUST IN – Air Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere

It’s only June, and we have yet another contestant for sneaker of the year!



A Ma Maniere may be known to some sneakerheads who have been following more underrated sneaker collaborations in the past years. The Atlanta-based luxury boutique has teamed up with Adidas and Nike among others on Consortium Ultra Boosts and a set of Air Force 1 reworks.

While all sneakers featured meticulous details and high-quality materials, as well as novel and quite extraordinary designs, the shoes never went through the roof. The Ultra Boost released just as the silhouette’s hype died down, and the set of AF1’s was perhaps just too dark and resembling of Black Forces to ever make it to the top. Still, fans of the boutique and the luxurious designs loved the collaborations.



Now, the boutique has managed to fully validate its potential and quality. Originally teased in early 2021, the Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere has finally been released to the public. Albeit in small quantities, the sneaker made waves on social media and quickly gained the hype it deserves. Thanks to its highly luxurious redesign of the silhouette that is substantially increasing in demand and popularity, fans adore the premium touches on the shoe.



At first glance, the sneaker may seem like an ordinary Jordan 3, sharing similarities with the “Retro Pure White” from 2018. However, the shoe reveals all its glory in the details.

The upper consists of a high-premium white tumbled leather which exceeds anything we have seen on an Air Jordan 3 before. The luxury is further enhanced by suede elements on the heel, eyestays, ankle and toe, adding an earthy touch to the aesthetic.

What further makes this shoe so aesthetically pleasing is the vintage look that the boutique implemented into the design. Yellowed soles and semi-translucent elements on the upper add the classic touch that elevates the Jordan 3 up into sneaker heaven.




Easy-peesy lemon squeezy. Unarguably one of the most premium finishes that Jordan has released in the last years. Leather and suede are stitched seamlessly, the yellowing of the sole is done so faultlessly to create the vintage flair, the entire sneaker is luxury.

The Rolls Royce of Jordans.




This one is truly subjective. While the quality of the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3 is beyond insane, the comfort is pretty similar to other AJ3’s.

Having said that, it is by no means an uncomfortable sneaker. After all, it is a shoe designed for basketball. The Nike Air sole provides decent cushioning, the shoe fits snug around the ankle and the overall shape creates strong support for more athletic movements. Not comparable with Boost technology, but it’s surely comfortable.




Many newbies might be surprised by sneakerheads ranking the Air Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere as the best sneaker of the last year. Understandably, it seems like a standard Jordan 3 at first.

But a closer look and feel really displays what the sneaker really is. The Rolls Royce of sneakers. Royal, luxurious, premium, worth every penny.

A Man, A Myth, A Ma Maniere… buy the Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere on Drip Drops today!


by Freddy Schwoerer of Drip Drops


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