NEW WEEK, NEW FLAMES: The GOLF x Converse Chuck 70 “Yellow Flame”

| Freddy Schwoerer
NEW WEEK, NEW FLAMES: The GOLF x Converse Chuck 70 “Yellow Flame”

It's Flower and Flame season!

It seems like Tyler, the Creator has a pretty fixed music and commercial schedule. Every two years, he releases an album – every single one a piece of art – accompanied by a vast array of merch, accessories and sneakers. Cherry Bomb was released with the incredible GOLF x Vans Old Skool, Flower Boy saw the inauguration of the Golf Le Fleur – one of the most loved sneakers of the last years. IGOR was complemented with a Pink–Red redesign of GOLF WANG, Tyler’s own clothing label, along with merchandise and velvet Converse Golf Le Fleurs. It always matches the entire theme of the album.


Vans x GOLF WANG Old Skool

Converse Golf Le Fleur Collection

Converse Golf le Fleur Velvet Collection


Call Me If You Get Lost

Tyler’s most recent work – Call Me If You Get Lost – released in late June 2021 – sees an entire switch up in the aesthetics, sound, lyrics and overall theme that Tyler aspires to with this album. Tyler shifted from IGOR bold pink tones to soft pastel colours that flawlessly fit into the Wes Anderson-like motives and feels of the music-videos and trailers. Beige backdrops are decorated by pastel pinks, yellows, greens and blues.

Tyler’s affiliation with Converse has allowed him to express the matching tones of his works in the form of sneakers. Moving from the One Star towards the classic Chuck 70 Hi as a backdrop, he has created yet another shoe that encapsulates the entire album’s vibe. And it is available for everyone (that was quick enough to cop): The Converse x GOLF Chuck 70 Hi "Yellow Flame".



The sneaker is an adaption from the Converse x GOLF Chuck 70 Hi “Blue Flame” that released late 2019, which made use of arguably the most iconic GOLF WANG pattern of all time. OG GOLF WANG enthusiasts know the grail of almost every Tyler fan: the Blue Flame Puffer Jacket, an unobtainable piece.

Golf Wang Flame Puffer Jacket

Converse Golf le Fleur Chuck 70 Hi "Blue Flame"

After the success of this design on a Chuck 70 Hi, Tyler has now adapted it to fit “Call Me If You Get Lost”: the beige backdrop replaces the blue as a canvas underlay, the flame pattern is endowed with the pastel pink, blue and rosé.

Apart from the canvas pattern, the sneaker features no reference to Tyler or GOLF whatsoever. Instead, the shoe remains simple and clean, with a focus on the aesthetic rather than the brand name – an analogy to Tyler’s musical ambition.



The sneaker features a canvas upper, staying true to the traditional Chuck 70 Hi construction. It is one of the most popular sneakers after all, so why change something about it.

Result: Given the retail price of 100€ for a sneaker collab with Tyler, the comfort and quality levels are absolutely adequate. Converse does a good job with manufacturing, and while the sneaker cannot match comfort and durability levels of the New Balance and Asics standards, the design makes up for it. And if you want a comfortable, durable sneaker from Tyler, there are enough Gianno’s to suit your needs!



A beautiful sneaker that flawlessly merges into the motif of Tyler’s latest work of art. Call Me If You Get Lost is more than an album. It is a project that allows everyone to live in Tyler’s fantasy, it gives everybody the chance to feel the emotions that Tyler perfectly conveys in a combination of sounds, videos, clothes and sneakers.


Tyler is not just a musical artist, he delicately picks out an immaculate palette of colours and tones to construct more than a collection of songs. Tyler’s albums tell a story, convey feelings, evoke emotions – a creation by the creator.

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