Our staff their favorite sneakers in our SUMMER SALE!

| Nicola Vermeersch
Our staff their favorite sneakers in our SUMMER SALE!

At Drip Drops, we not only value our team's dedication and hard work but also their impeccable sense of style. As summer heats up, our employees have chosen their favorite sneakers from our exciting Summer SALE. From classic silhouettes to bold collaborations, let's dive into the personal choices of our trendsetting employees.

Marshall and his Jordan Love

Marshall, our resident sneakerhead, couldn't resist choosing two sneakers from the Summer SALE. First up, he opted for the iconic Jordan 5 "We the Best." Inspired by DJ Khaled's music label, these sneakers boast a luxurious orange suede upper, paired with gold accents that add a touch of opulence. Marshall loves how these sneakers make a statement with every step. He couldn't really choose so his second choice is the timeless Jordan 11 "Cherry." Known for their patent leather mudguard and vibrant red outsole, these sneakers are a staple in any sneaker collection, and Marshall just had to grab a pair.

Sebryn's Vibrant Choice

Sebryn, our creative team member, fell in love with the Jordan 1 Retro High "Yellow Ocher." These sneakers combine a striking mix of yellow, white, and black, creating a vibrant and eye-catching design. The retro high-top silhouette pays homage to the original Air Jordan 1s, while the yellow ocher colorway adds a modern twist. Sebryn adores how these sneakers elevate any outfit and reflect his lively personality.

Ines and her Travis Scott Vibes:

Ines, our fashion-forward colleague, made a bold choice with the Nike Air Trainer 1 Travis Scott "Gray Haze." Designed in collaboration with the renowned rapper Travis Scott, these sneakers boast a distinctive color scheme of gray, black, and brown, creating an earthy and understated aesthetic. The shoe's premium materials and unique details, such as the Cactus Jack logo and removable lace cover, make them a true standout. Ines appreciates how these sneakers seamlessly blend style and comfort, making them perfect for both casual outings and exclusive events.

Sebastian and the Innovative Yeezy Foam Runner

Sebastian, the enthusiast and energetic team member, opted for the Yeezy Foam Runner MX "Cynder." These futuristic sneakers redefine traditional sneaker design with their unconventional foam construction. The "Cynder" colorway features a sleek black upper, adding a touch of sophistication to the shoe's avant-garde appearance. Sebastian loves how these sneakers push the boundaries of footwear design and provide a unique, comfortable fit, thanks to their innovative material.

Nicola and the Timeless Appeal

Nicola, another creative team member, chose the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Satin "Black Toe." These sneakers perfectly combine elegance and athletic heritage. The satin upper in a classic black and white colorway exudes a luxurious feel, while the iconic black toe detailing pays homage to the sneaker's original design. Nicola appreciates the versatility of these sneakers, as they effortlessly transition from casual outings to formal occasions, making them an essential addition to any sneaker rotation.


At Drip Drops, our employees not only excel in their roles but also showcase their impeccable taste in sneakers. From Marshall's love for Jordan classics to Sebryn's vibrant choice and Ines' affinity for collaborations, each employee's selection reflects their unique personality. Sebastian's futuristic pick and Nicola's timeless elegance complete the diverse range of styles. As we celebrate our employees' individuality, we invite you to explore our Summer SALE and discover the perfect pair that suits your own distinctive style. Happy shopping!

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