The Yeezy Slide Copy Cat: Adilette 22 Hands-On

| Freddy Schwoerer
The Yeezy Slide Copy Cat: Adilette 22 Hands-On

A topographical map on your feet.



Adilette 22

Yeezy Slides are almost impossible to get for a decent price. However, every now and then, adidas decides to release GR-silhouettes extremely reminiscent of Yeezy’s, to give those of us who take constant L’s an opportunity to flex with general releases. The Tubular Shadow is a great alternative to the 350’s, the Ozrah is very similar to the 700V1, and the Continental 80 is essentially the Powerphase.


The adidas Powerphase, Ozrah, and Tubular Shadow


Nevertheless, up until now, there has been no adequate substitute for the highly coveted Yeezy Slides. Gaining immense popularity over the last years, the sandal is reselling at sky-high prices, leaving many fans disappointed, or even empty-walleted. The old-school “Adilette” is a cool slide for Mallorca-tourists and wellness-lovers, but it’s not exactly a shoe you’d sport on the streets. To prevent fans from opting for substitutes from competing brands, adidas has finally revealed their latest Yeezy-alternative: The Adilette 22.

The Adilette 22 is scheduled to release some time in June 2022. With Drip Drops always one step ahead of the game, we provide you a Hands-On Review of this unreleased slide.


Design + Comfort



The Adilette 22’s shape is extremely reminiscent of the Yeezy Slide, even more enhanced in the “Beige” colourway. However, the texture is vastly different from what we are used to. Replacing the soft foam with a coarse textured material, the Adilette 22 feels and looks much sturdier. While the cushioning is much weaker than that of the Yeezy Slide, the overall feel is robust and solid, seemingly durable for quite a while.



The design takes a topographic inspiration, molded into layered ripples on the upper that peak on the lateral side. Apart from that, the Adilette 22 is extremely minimalistic, especially compared to the traditional Adilette, with the only branding seen on the lateral sole. A tiny Trefoil accompanied by “THE BRAND WITH THE THREE STRIPES” text will make sure that at least those with a magnifying glass know that your sneaker is German-made.



Adilette 22 vs Yeezy Slide



In a direct comparison with the Yeezy Slide, there are some main differences. The Yeezy Slide is more comfortable, features no branding whatsoever, and is molded smoothly. The Adilette 22 features less cushioning, fits more snug around the strap, but feels much sturdier and robust than the Yeezy Slide. Plus, it costs around a third of the Yeezy Slide, so if price is a criteria, the obvious choice is the Adilette 22.



A great alternative with only marginal compromises will guarantee you icy fits and cool feet this summer.



by Freddy Schwoerer of Drip Drops

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