The Team's Number 1 Pick at the Pop Up!

| Nicola Vermeersch
The Team's Number 1 Pick at the Pop Up!

Are you ready to embark on a delightful and whimsical fashion journey? Welcome to our blog, where we invite you to step into the enchanting world of pre-loved treasures. This is your exclusive pass to discover the team's carefully curated selection from the pre-loved pop-up store, where each item holds a story waiting to be unveiled.

From the truly unique finds that spark conversations to the trendsetting treasures that keep us ahead of the fashion curve, we've sifted through the racks and shelves to bring you the very best. These aren't just sneakers; they're pieces of art, tokens of style, and fragments of nostalgia.

Marshall's Top pick:

Marshall's favorite pick from the pre-loved pop-up store was undoubtedly the Jordan 5 Off-White Muslin. With an eye finely tuned to the nuances of sneaker culture, he recognized this pair as a true gem the moment they arrived at the store. The Muslin colorway, a soft and timeless shade, paired seamlessly with Off-White's signature design elements, creating a unique fusion of style that spoke to Marshall's discerning taste. The sneakers beckoned to him from the store's display, capturing his imagination with visions of the incredible streetwear ensembles he could craft around them.
SIZE 43EU available for only €500 (deadstock price: €800+) 😱

Sebryn's Top Pick:

Sebryn's top choice in the pre-loved pop-up store undoubtedly had to be the Jordan 4 Taupe Haze. With an astute eye for sneaker fashion, he couldn't help but admire this pair as a true standout amidst the store's offerings. The Taupe Haze colorway, a harmonious blend of earthy tones, perfectly complemented the Jordan 4's iconic silhouette, showcasing Sebryn's keen appreciation for style. As he gazed at these sneakers, he envisioned the countless outfits he could assemble, each one a testament to his distinctive fashion sense. The Jordan 4 Taupe Haze, while in/not in his possession, held the promise of enhancing Sebryn's wardrobe with its unparalleled charm.
SIZE 42.5EU available for only €400 (deadstock price: €500+) 😱

Sebastian's Top Pick:

For Sebastian, the Jordan 1 Turbo Green held a special place in his heart, making it an easy choice as his favorite sneaker in the pre-loved pop-up store. This particular pair carried a touch of history that resonated with him, Marshall and Sebryn (check out why).  As he held these sneakers in his hands, a flood of nostalgia washed over him, reminding him of the excitement and passion he felt when he first started reselling kicks. The shoe's sleek high-top design, featuring the iconic wing logo and classic Swoosh, showcased timeless elegance. Its rich leather construction and meticulous craftsmanship spoke to its quality and durability. The Jordan 1 Turbo Green symbolized more than just fashion; it represented the journey and evolution of his love for sneaker, making it a cherished addition to the store and a personal story of growth and passion.

SIZE 40EU available for only €450 (deadstock price: €700+) 😱

Nicola's Top Pick:

Nicola had a clear favorite in the pre-loved pop-up store, opting for the Yeezy 700 Enflame Amber. His penchant for the Yeezy brand and its distinctive style made this choice a no-brainer. The Enflame Amber colorway, with its bold and fiery hues, perfectly encapsulated the Yeezy ethos of avant-garde fashion.

The Yeezy 700's chunky silhouette, adorned with intricate overlays and futuristic details, was a testament to its unique design. The blend of suede and mesh in the shoe's construction exemplified both comfort and innovation, characteristics that defined the Yeezy line.

For Nicola, the Yeezy 700 Enflame Amber wasn't just a sneaker; it was a statement of his fashion-forward approach and appreciation for cutting-edge streetwear. This would be a nice addition to his collection representing not only style but also his commitment to staying at the forefront of sneaker culture.

SIZE 40 2/3EU available for only €450 (deadstock price: €500+) 😱

Emmanuel's Top Pick:

Emmanuell's ultimate choice at the pre-loved pop-up store unquestionably had to be the Yeezy 500 Blush. With an acute sense of sneaker style, he couldn't help but admire this pair as a genuine standout amidst the store's offerings. The Blush colorway, a subdued and striking choice, harmonized seamlessly with the Yeezy 500's unique silhouette, reflecting Emmanuell's discerning taste in fashion.
SIZE 42.5EU available for only €150 (deadstock price: €300+) 😱

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