Yeezy, Sacai, Jordan: The Hottest Sneakers of the Week!

| Freddy Schwoerer
Yeezy, Sacai, Jordan: The Hottest Sneakers of the Week!

As Easter Weekend comes to an end and we are all digesting the abundance of good food and snacks, it’s time to re-shift our focus back on the important things in life: Sneakers.

We share the hottest sneakers of this week, available to purchase on Drip Drops

Adidas Yeezy 700V3 Kyanite:


Released just last week, the Yeezy Kyanite is the latest addition to the V3 family of Kanye West’s futuristic Yeezy 700 line-up. After initially releasing in neutral colourways with the “Azael”, “Safflower” and the all-black “Alvah”, Ye has recently been a fan of adding blue touches to his sneaker-designs. With the Yeezy QNTM ‘Frozen Blue’, the recently announced Yeezy 500 High ‘Frosted Blue’ and of course the Yeezy 500 Enflame, the lineup is focused on blending in with the sea and sky this summer!

Similarly, the previous 700V3 “Arzareth” featured a predominantly blue upper, where even the cage featured blue hues, which resulted in a darker finish overall. Now, fans of minimalistic designs will relish the subtle blue tones hidden under the off-white cage of the Kyanite. The overall beige finish is substantially lighter than that of the Arzareth, making this colourway easier to wear in summer seasons.

Arzareth (left) vs. Kyanite (right)


Yeezy fanatics and sneakerheads have slowly become desensitized to the 700V3’s innovative and controversial design and are certainly starting to appreciate the artistic elements that this shoe offers. Furthermore, lockdown has made us all re-evaluate the importance of comfortable footwear, and the thick EVA midsole of the 700V3 scores high points in this domain. 

Expect this shoe to be a fan-favourite in summer 2021!

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Jordan 1 Low Court Purple:


One of the best transfers of a Jordan 1 High colourway onto its ‘lower’ brother is undoubtedly the Court Purple edition. Often enough, fans are disappointed by some altering of colour blocking in the transition from High to Low models, but the Court Purple has managed to stay just as aesthetic after the conversion.

Even better, those who don’t want to break their bank and prefer longer trousers anyway, can reap the same benefits that a Jordan 1 High delivers. Provided the colour-blocking remains the same, most people won’t know whether you’re wearing a High or Low.

While Jordan Brand has just announced a new Court Purple Jordan 1 High for its Summer 2021 line-up, the vivid violet is a timeless color that always guarantees fire fits. Many fans have been looking for a summer-ready low-top sneaker that still comprises OG Jordan elements, looks clean and provides comfort. This is the answer.

The Jordan 1 Low Court Purple has been under the radar for too long but will live up to its true potential in Summer 2021.

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Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle

The collaboration between Nike and the Japanese luxury fashion brand is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Highly sought-after silhouettes have had a strong impact on colour- and layer-utilization in the fashion scene, impacting the global footwear market overall. Sacai’s take on the LD Waffle and the Blazer Mid have polarized the sneaker game, but the Vaporwaffle tops it all.

The shoe is an abstract creation, made by combining the original Waffle outsole with a second, thicker sole that protrudes from the back. This not only elevates the overall aesthetic to a contemporary artwork in itself but adds another layer of comfort. Again, this comes to the pleasant surprise of home-office workers that have restructured their priorities towards comfort, away from pure aesthetics. If you’re stuck on the couch all day, might as well wear a comfortable shoe…

The breathable, translucent mesh further adds to the wearability of the sneaker in terms of both looks and comfort. The overall shoe is made from various materials; features multiple layers; double swooshes, soles and laces; as well as two tongues. While the shoe seems complex and intricate at first, the overall finish is harmony in its epitome. A true masterpiece, and a definite must-have for summer.

All colourways are ultra-clean, with the achromatic ‘Black White’ surely the most hyped one. However, make sure to keep the “Villain Red / Neptune Green” on your radar: the blend of the two hues creates a unique look that is guaranteed to pop this summer!

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Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze

Jordan 4’s are on the rise! It was bound to happen, at some stage the classic silhouette had to make a return: 2021 will be the year of the Four! Nike has retro-ed popular colourways within the last year to prepare for their 2021 rollout. We have seen the OG Bred, the Fire Red, the Starfish, but Nike has also introduced some novel colourways including the hyped burgundy PSG Special Edition.

While opinions are often polarized when it comes to Fours, some colourways just cannot be disliked. Among these is unquestionably the Jordan 4 ‘Taupe Haze, released in early 2020. The shoe utilizes the current trendiness of brown shades to create a clean overall appearance. Earthy tones are super popular at the moment, scaled up by Travis Scott's admiration for brown tones, so any limited brown silhouette that doesn’t look terrible is guaranteed some hype. Still, the Taupe Haze is more than just a product of hype: it flawlessly contrasts the earthy theme with “Infrared 23” accents that add the extra bit of “pop” and complete the remarkable sneaker.

The potentially most interesting aspect of the sneaker is the cracked leather around the tongue, mid- and forefoot. Once torn away, a lighter and smoother suede surfaces that modifies the look of the shoe entirely. Wear-and-tear has been a popular implementation in recent years, giving sneakerheads more reasons to finally un-deadstock their kicks! The Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk reveals interesting elephant prints upon tearing the paisley upper away, essentially making the sneaker recyclable. Nike’s collaboration with G-Dragon gave both black and white versions of Nike Air Force 1 ‘Paranoise’ a tearaway upper that reveals colourful patterns of the artist himself. The Taupe Haze adds itself to the list of peel-off sneakers, another reason to crown it as one of the hottest shoes of this season!

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by Freddy Schwoerer of Drip Drops

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